Monday, January 25, 2010

a moutain boy

I am posting this to remind me of an instance that worried my mother. My brother-in-law brought my nephew Gersuah in Mt. Manabo, in Batangas. He is only a 9 month old boy and he went mountain climbing. Must be in the genes. His father is a mountain climber and I am an environmentalist. Do hope he will grow up loving Nature.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am dismayed to learn that the animated version of Winter Sonata has no subtitles. I waited for it for quite a while and I am anxious to know, when it would be available before I purchase a copy? Anyway, there is a saying that patience is a virtue… But until when would this waiting end? When the DVD pirates get hold of a copy and have it reproduce with subtitles on it? I rather have it in this manner rather die of envy. I am hoping that the last resort will not happen.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last August 29, I celebrated two important occasions of my fanaticism, the birth day of my favorite icons and the burial of MJ.

Both Bae Yong Joon and Michael Jackson are born of the same date. These two great personas differ in race and color, yet, they are famous in their respective fields; MJ in music and Bae Yong Joon in movies. I am elated at the fact that I do not need a calendar to remind me of these important events as they are held on a single day!

I started the celebration with a mass, thanking God for the wonderful things He bestowed on them. I am sincerely grateful to Him for Yonsama’s success and MJ’s solemn repose.
After mass, I ate lunch with friends. We gathered in our favorite spot and unwind the time away. There was no grand celebration but I felt blissful.

Life is a gift from God.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The news of Michael Jackson's death shocked me. I thought it was a mere prank, so I brushed it off when I heard of it. It was when I saw him in an ambulance that I believed it was true. The sight of him paralyzed my body that I could hardly breathe. Thank goodness my tears flowed; it calmed my body; otherwise I might end up lifeless like him. .
It took me a while to realize that each one of us have our time of departure, the time of which, we cannot predict. It was his time and the Lord is exceptionally good in choosing his flight to the world where He is waiting.
I am thankful that he was taken, still at his prime. Now he is tremendously popular. It obliterated all controversies that hounded his character. Critics would surely miss Wacky Jacko who graced the limelight for four decades.
Like his devout fans, I grieved over his demise. Who on earth would not? But excessive expression of mourning defeats the purpose of solemn repose.
I feel I disappointed MJ the hullabaloo that marred the solemnity of his death. I am as gullible as others in acquiring memorabilia, when matter-of-fact, he left an invaluable treasure - his Music. Someway it is engraved in my heart that every note of his songs could prompt a sensation in my body. What more could I ask for?
It did not matter as to who Michael Jackson was, it was the artist in the man that I cherished the most. As to where this fanaticism would end, I certainly hope that I could moon walk it with the "The Greatest Performer of all time"

Requiescat en Pace

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I was resting from farm work when I wrote this poem. I want to keep it here and laugh at my insanity whenever I view my blogs.

Bashfully smitten to
Act in the cameras.
Endowed wtih elegance that
Yearns to claim a throne.
Obeisant citizen,
Nurtured with Asian culture
Gallops its way to Western fold.
Jung Kang have I known him.
Overjoyed with love,
Overwhelmed with success.
Newsy portfolios in the offing!

bae yong joon fascination

For six years, I spent most of my spare time surfing and visiting his websites. I do not know why I am thrilled with the pastime. His good looks enchanted me, that, I could not get out of the habit. I went as far as collecting his beautiful pictures and saved it in my USB. I have one USB meant for the purpose, so if someone would steal that from me, I would freak out and kill that person! God forbid! My friends reminded me that I might end up a stalker out of this adoration. I just brushed it off. I am still in my sane mind to know that celebrities are human beings too! They value their privacy as much as I do, so why intrude?

My short story behind Hermeshec’s infatuation.

When Winter Sonata was aired in the Philippine television, my initial reaction was, “hey, another Korean drama series to compete with the series of the other station?” At first I was unmindful of the series as I was suffering from depression that time. Until one night, I got saturated listening to music so I decided to change my form of entertainment. I turned on the TV set and Ola!! I saw his handsome face. I got hooked on him since then. My mother even wondered what happened to me, as I disliked watching drama series. Well, what can I say? People change… I was bitten by the Winter Sonata craze! I am half-crazy for him!

Soon an animation of the Korean series is due for release this year. I am eager to buy a copy of the animation. . It would not hurt to be young again, (in heart), he, he, he. Kidding aside, I am a cartoon and anime’ lover. Until now, I watched a lot of cartoons and anime’. It is therapeutic and entertaining.

I disappointed some friends when they learned that I do not have a blog on my fave idol. Queer for a fanatic isn't it? Well, friends I am not giving you a reason to bully me. Just playing safe, so you cannot comment on my blog. You might gravely criticize me. But this is a blog isn't it? Just doing a reality check?
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